Tenants: Why Allen Goldstein

At Allen Goldstein we also go the extra mile in making a commitment to quality service and maintaining good relations by laying down core values that we are accountable to:


Express Deposit Refund

We all know that rent deposits are now protected under the Rent Deposit Scheme, however tenants still suffer from late refunds even though the law requires for such deposit to be refunded within 14 days of the tenancy ending minus any lawful deductions. AG understand that delayed refunds can cause real headaches for tenants moving out to other properties which is why we will do our utmost to ensure that any due monies are refunded within 10 days of vacating the property.


Express Maintenance

We will deal with any maintenance issues that are raised by you within 48 hours of being informed. In the unlikely event that we are unable to have the matter dealt with within this period you may be provided with written authority to hire your local tradesman to fix the problem. We will reimburse your monies upon receipt of your invoice.


Building & Maintenance

Our team of builders, craftsmen and technicians are accountable to performing their work to high standards. Whether it's a leaking tap, loose wire or flat-conversion, the standard you can expect for such works.



Our consultants receive regular training to keep up to date with the latest developments in relevant laws. Inadequate advice of property law, mortgage, re-mortgage, etc. etc. could be costly and you need not expect anything less than to receive professional advice and services from AG within its practice areas.


Unfair Charges & Transparency

Whilst some agents may look to profiteer from landlords and tenants by adding unreasonable charges on top of sub-contractor work, we have a strict policy that prohibits such unethical practice. Should you be charged for works carried out by a sub-contractor that we have organised, you can request a copy of the relevant invoice charged to us for your own reference.



Unless you have been clearly informed of any other costs that may arise in the future (post contract) you will not be charged for any such monies.

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