Is October a good time to sell my house

Autumn has always been a really good time to sell your house. People’s energy is still high post summer and there is a drive to prepare for winter which includes house moves. With the end of the stamp duty holiday, it’s only natural to see a slight dip in the market but what that does mean is that the buyers and sellers that are in the market are serious. We still have months before Christmas and lots of people are motivated to get houses bought and sold before the festive period.


Changing seasons changing homes

The seasons naturally cause people to reflect and shift. With September heralding the start of the academic year and the end of it seeing many people returning to work as the furlough scheme came to an end, October brings a sense of new beginnings and positivity. People are returning back to their old rhythms and this may cause them to realize the current property does not meet their needs. Autumn has a cozy feel to it which tends to spark the nesting instinct and people to think about their houses. There has been a seismic shift in the way we live our lives in the last 18 months and people are still changing their ideas about what they want and need from a home. Autumn could be the perfect time to see what’s on the market and get your property listed.


Property type

It’s not just the time of year that influences the type of sales, it can be about the property type or demographic. For example, family homes tend to slow down in the summer months as this is peak time for holidays. One or two bedroom apartments can tend to sell quickly at the start of the year as young professionals or couples react quickly to the New Year. Once the children return to school, it can mean the end of September and October can boost listings of family homes in the pre-Christmas push to move house. When you factor in that those who have been on furlough and 80% salary return to 100% as of the 1st of October, then there are positive financial reasons to move at this time.


What steps can you make to maximise the appeal?

The obvious one is the presentation of your property. Make sure your garden and the outside of your house deliver maximum curb appeal. It’s surprising what you don’t need so a quick dump run to get rid of the clutter always helps free up space. Ensure you do your research and price your home competitively and realistically. Most importantly, choose a good local agent who understands the area. Here at Allen Goldstein we have listed many properties in the N1 Bloomsbury area so have solid knowledge of the locality. This means understanding transport links, local schools and amenities so that we can quickly show the right buyers the right properties. Make October the month you finally make the move you have always wanted to.

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