Amz Islam Al Sharif

Each month we are going to bring you closer to the people that make up the Allen Goldstein Team. This month we are focusing on Amz, who is our Senior Letting Negotiator.

Briefly describe your career path which led to your current position? 

I have always been interested in the property sector, I was approached and given an opportunity to join a great and dynamic company, to be able to grow with the experience I have gained in the corporate world.


What advice would you give landlords / tenants?

My advice to landlords / tenants would be to always choose an agency which is completely transparent and honest so that our landlords and tenants are content with the end result.


How would you describe your current role and responsibilities? 

my current role allows me to do just that by tailoring to their needs which entails understanding the requirements of each potential tenant and to be able to house them with the right landlord.


What do you enjoy about your role at Allen Goldstein?

Personally i cannot describe a better role which allows me to feel rewarded with each secured tenancy and building a portfolio of landlords that have a great business relationship with me.


What challenges do you see facing your industry? 

We currently face a huge challenge with the pandemic which has impacted the property market significantly but our stance on this matter is to use this time productively and tool ourselves with knowledge and become more stronger as a team and keep progressing.


What is one thing within the property industry that your clients have to deal with that you want to fix?

My only concern that landlords are not always given enough information regarding the property market. Our landlords are regularly contacted and given an in depth conclusion of the current market and we propose to tackle this.


What’s your favourite movie / tv series? 

There are too many movies and series that i love so i wont list them but I’m into suspense / drama.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

I enjoy taking care of heath and well-being by going to the gym or participating in some sort of exercise and also enjoy fine dining and meeting new people.

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