Why Should You Sell During The Winter?

With hundreds of opinions out there, knowing when to sell your home is overwhelming, especially when the market is dropping faster than an amusement park ride.

However, there are some benefits to selling your home in the winter. This might conflict with your current property beliefs – but stay with us.

There’s such a focus on selling in spring and summer that many overlook the pros of a winter property sale. From better viewings to less competition, we’re looking at the top reasons you should consider placing your home on the market now.

Could you start 2023 with a new home? Continue reading to learn the top benefits of a 2022 winter sale.


Winter Brings Serious Buyers

Let’s face it. No one looks for a property during the seasonal period unless they’re serious or motivated. The cold weather and busy season tend to filter out any lukewarm buyers. Aka, people “just looking”.

This leaves you with serious buyers who are ready to purchase. More often than not, winter sales are pushed by time limits and a ‘need’ to relocate. There’s more urgency in the winter months, whether due to business moves, living situation changes, or other factors. Ideal if you want to get your home sold ASAP.


January Job Relocations

Like our last point, many winter buyers must relocate quickly during January. The start of the new year is a big month for relocations, as corporations tend to make their change-ups at the beginning of the calendar year.

Many employees want to reduce the stress of a move. No one wants to be hopping from house to house! This leads to serious buyers and quick sales. These buyers often receive relocation assistance from employers – making negotiations more straightforward.


Less Competition

Without a doubt, there are fewer properties for sale in the winter. Most sellers opt for the spring season, where the market is very active – but also very saturated. Spring buyers are overwhelmed with choices, and sellers are fighting fierce competition.

Winter sellers don’t have to battle through thick competition, though. Of course, there will always be other properties on the market. But winter sales are fewer, leaving sellers fewer choices and more time to focus on your property. ¬†


Cosy Winter Viewings

Viewings and property marketing are critical aspects of the selling process, and different homes market well at different times of the year. The winter months bring an extra layer of cosiness and warmth – especially if you add subtle seasonal decorations. Features like fireplaces look more at home in the dark evenings, and you can use this to your advantage.

Embracing winter viewings is vital. Your estate agent will help you navigate this process with expert tips and staging.


You’re The Agent’s Priority

Spring and summer are hectic months for estate agents. The team will always have your best interests at heart, but the teams can be stretched a little thin.

Since winter is the ‘slow season’, agents focus on sales and listings. You’ll have more attention during this time than any other period of the year – you’re the priority. This will lead to better showcasing and marketing.


A Property Sale For Christmas

Knowing when to sell your property is tricky – it rarely feels like the ‘right’ time to take the plunge.

When you work with professional agents, it’s always the right time for a sale – even during the winter. The Allen Goldstein team is ready to help if you’re prepared for a change. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated team, we’re here to finish your year on a high note.

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